LawToolbox 365

LawToolbox 365 has all the legal solutions you’ve been looking for

Do your attorneys rely on Outlook to get reminded of deadlines?  LawToolBox365 is the only product on the market that can work with your currently billing or case management system inside of Outlook to receive email notices from courts or opposing counsel that will allow you to instantly generate deadlines based on the court rules without leaving your inbox. If you don’t have electronic calendaring system, this qualifies you for a discount on malpractice insurance!


Why Law Firms Love Law Toolbox 365

  • Easy to use intuitive integration with Office 365
  • Leverage features of Office 365 you are already paying for
  • Instantly generate deadlines and update calendars in minutes that would otherwise take hours
  • Works with any case management calendar that two-way syncs with Outlook
  • Built on top of a secure and encrypted Microsoft platform
  • When a new matter is added to LawToolBox 365, a shared inbox, document ,folder, calendar and notebook can be automatically created inside Microsoft Office

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