Mobile Device Management

What is your mobile device strategy? Are you protected?

1.3 billion People are classed as mobile workers. That’s about 38% of the global workforce. You may think because you are a small business you don’t have to worry about your mobile device strategy but you’d be wrong!

More and more employees are bringing their own devices to work and working from just about every place imaginable. They receive top quality services in their personal lives and are beginning to pressure their employers for the same quality when accessing corporate resources. This is a major challenge for small businesses who don’t have the know-how or resources to properly protect themselves.

Prevent Leaks. Improve Productivity

You can maximize productivity with Microsoft Office mobile apps your employees depend on while preventing company data leaks by restricting actions. You may also be able to extend these capabilities to a line of business apps.

Onboarding new employees will be easier and more consistent and when a device is unenrolled, noncompliant, lost, stolen or retired, your corporate data and applications are easily removed. SECURE ITnet has the right solution for your company and your budget.

It’s All about SECURITY

MDM is ALL about security. Bad players are increasingly targeting mobile devices for their cybercrimes. Most Americans lose their smartphone once a year on average. Without MDM your company’s critical data could be compromised. Security breaches also happened from within by disgruntled employees.

Your MDM solution allows you to extend your current security and protocols to mobile devices. Now things like passwords, access limitations, and identity management are now also enabled on your mobile devices.

All in all the benefits of mobile device management allow you to be able to accept mobile devices, and the increased worker productivity they provide, into your organization without worrying about whether or not you are compromising your data or security. Let us handle your Mobile Device Management Security and Administration.

SECURE ITnet specializes in creating secure network solutions that include MDM strategies. Call us today to learn more.