SiteLock- Website Security


SiteLock offers comprehensive website Security, SiteLock finds, fixes, and helps prevent malware and other online threats. In addition, SiteLock offers a Web Application Firewall solution that helps speed up the website with a Content Delivery Network.

Cloud computing is actually a spectrum of things complementing one another and building on a foundation of sharing. Inherent dualities in the cloud computing phenomenon are spawning divergent strategies for cloud computing success. The public cloud, hybrid clouds, and private clouds now dot the landscape of IT based solutions. Because of that, the basic issues have moved from ‘what is cloud’ to ‘how will cloud projects evolve.”
~Chris Howard, Research Vice President at Gartner

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Solution Options

SiteLock - FIND

SiteLock – Basic Scan only (No WAF / CDN)

Unlike traditional website security, SiteLock offers a comprehensive approach to safeguarding websites. SiteLock scans the site, inside and out, to find vulnerabilities or evidence of malicious code. SiteLock also provides protective layer around the website to help prevent future compromises from occurring.

SiteLock - FIX

SiteLock Premium Scan Only

If a website is compromised, SiteLock can diagnose the source of the issue and deliver a fast solution to get the site back online. The majority of issues found can be fixed with SMART – the SiteLock Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool, which automatically finds and fixes malware within the code and files of the website.

Popular Packages

SiteLock - PREVENT

Premium Scan + Premium CDN/WAF

SiteLock TrueShield™ WAF proactively protects websites from malicious traffic and blocks harmful requests. By using TrueShield™ you can protect your site from OWASP top 10 threats with a 5-minute setup. TrueShield™ requires no installation – just a simple DNS change blocks all of OWASP’s top 10 threats.

  • Premium 360-degree vulnerability scanning (daily).
  • Automated malware detection & removal (daily).
  • Premium website protection & acceleration (WAF/CDN).

SiteLock - COMPLY

SiteLock PCI Compliance

If you have ever completed your own PCI SAQ before, you know they’re very time consuming. SiteLock has simplified the process so you only answer questions that are applicable to your business. SiteLock takes PCI from a pain point to a point of differentiation for businesses. With the world’s easiest self-assessment questionnaire and our PCI-certified TrueShield WAF, compliance couldn’t be easier.

  • Quarterly and On-demand PCI external scans for merchants.
  • Provides simplified self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ).