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SMB’s and larger enterprise businesses have similar needs, which is to implement services that reduce overhead costs like IT maintenance and software upgrade expenses as well as increase security. Businesses of all sizes have taken a close look at their IT and infrastructure costs over the past 5 years and switched to cloud solutions as the new standard to provide safe, cost effective communications and collaboration tools. These small business bundles deliver the power of cloud productivity to business of all sizes, saving time and money, while maximizing valuable personnel and financial resources.

We offer many powerful SMB bundles featuring top technologies and essential services.

Line-of-business leaders everywhere are bypassing IT departments to get applications from the cloud and paying for them like they would a magazine subscription. And when the service is no longer required, they can cancel that subscription with no equipment left unused in the corner.”
 ~ Daryl Plummer, Managing Vice President and Distinguished Analyst at Gartner

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Office 365 Business Essentials Plus Trend Micro Worry-Free

This online communications and productivity bundle contains a rich feature set at a low price. This bundle includes Microsoft Exchange email, online productivity tools and the safety of Trend Micro Worry Free Service. Optionally add additional peace of mind with Backup-as-a-Service from Acronis.

Office 365 Business Premium Plus Trend Micro Worry-Free

This bundle includes the full Office 365 experience including installed Office Applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on up to 5 PCs. Enjoy Microsoft Exchange email, online productivity tools and the additional safety provided by Trend Micro Worry Free service. Optionally add Backup-as-a-Service from Acronis.

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SECURE ITnet bundles Managed Services with all SMB products.  Look to SECURE ITnet to provide administration, monitoring and maintenance of all your cloud computing solutions.