Wi-Fi Management Services

A WiFi Solution You Can Rely On

Your business not only needs Wi-Fi that works, it needs Wi-Fi that works well ALL the time.  Your users demand fast, reliable Wi-Fi to stay productive. More of the workforce is using move devices, streaming video and generally stressing the network more and more.

SECURE ITnet has the Wi-Fi solution you need to keep your workforce productive and your network running optimally.

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Bring your own device (BYOD) is changing the needs of your network.  As more and more devices are connecting to your Wi-Fi the way your network is designed and engineered becomes paramount. SECURE ITnet’s Wi-Fi solutions give you Enterprise style functionality at a cost you can afford.  With solutions like Ad Tran and Ruckus scaling to accommodate your growing business is a snap.

Killer Access for Your Growing Business

SECURE ITnet’s Wi-Fi solutions are engineered with small businesses like yours in mind. Our proven Wi-Fi designs offer your growing business the flexibility, reliability, scalability, and security you need.  Most frustration comes from poorly planned networks. Our solutions are built to meet your expectations and the needs of your workforce.

How Vulnerable are Your Access Points?

If you have not replaced your Wi-Fi access points you may be leaving your company open to malicious attacks that could cripple your organization.

Your Wi-Fi is also any easy target for bad players if it is in a location that employees or visitors can physically access.  Bad players look to take advantage of Wi-Fi drivers using buffer overflows.

Wi-Fi security has improved greatly over the past few years.  SECURE ITnet offers the latest in Wi-Fi technology and support.

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Fast and SECURE

Give your workforce the Wi-Fi they deserve. With SECURE ITnet your critical data will be protected with a secure cloud-based Wi-Fi solution and the Kick-@%* support you have come to rely on with SECURE ITnet. Your employees will be delighted with the reliability, coverage, and capacity your new Wi-Fi offers.


Your Wi-Fi is also an easy target for bad players if it is in a location that employees or visitors can physically access.  You must be sure your access points are not accessible to unauthorized people. The growing concerns companies have about connecting to Wi-Fi networks can be mitigated with our Managed Wi-Fi solutions.  Your users will be able to connect knowing their secure network solutions minimizes security related issues with cloud services and data storage.

24/7/365 Wi-Fi Network Monitoring and IT Network Support

  • SECURE ITnet offers 24X7 monitoring and support of your Wi-Fi system
  • Proactive monitoring and maintenance of Wi-Fi components such as Access Points, HotSpots, SSID and your Guest Network