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    A phone system designed with mobility in mind

    From web meetings to BYOD, major trends are driving a rapid increase in mobile workers. However, many companies are finding their conventional, on-premise PBX systems are not up to the task of supporting a mobile workforce. As a result, many organizations suffer from security risks, employees using private cell numbers, lack of access to the corporate directory, and other pitfalls associated with phone systems not designed for mobility. RingCentral Office is built from the ground up to support phone users without regard to hardware within a building. It not only integrates mobile workers into the business but also adds an enterprise-grade mobile app that brings mobile worker productivity and connectedness to a new level.

    Transform your mobile workforce

    Putting the company phone system at your remote workers’ fingertips delivers a number of transformative business benefits. Having a single number for phone, fax, and text messages mean customers and colleagues no longer have to dial multiple contact numbers to reach one person. The cloud system also makes it simple to access voicemail from outside the office—reducing delays in responding to customers or partners. In addition, eliminating the use of personal phone numbers protects employee privacy and helps preserve customer relationships if there is a change in personnel.

    Maintain a professional identity at all times

    Eliminating personal cell phone numbers as primary contacts are critical to many businesses. This is especially true when customer loyalty is tied to a phone number or when having customer contact information residing solely on the employee’s device is not optimal. Finance, real estate, and high-tech are just a few examples of industries where having contacts reside in the cloud offers important benefits. For example, if an employee leaves suddenly, the company retains access to the customer contact information, and the former employee can no longer access that information. You can also control which number customers and partners use to contact an employee, as well as the outbound SMS message and caller ID number that the employee’s customers and contacts see. You can even use multiple numbers, which offers benefits in a variety of situations, such as doing business under different names in different areas of the country.

    Enable rapid disaster recovery

    To minimize potential service interruptions due to natural disasters, RingCentral houses its core technology infrastructure and global network in geographically redundant data centers located on both coasts. And should your region experience power outage or loss of internet connectivity, your business can continue to operate without interruption. Using the RingCentral mobile app, employees can use all the features of your corporate phone system via their mobile devices—as seamlessly as if they were in the office with a fully functioning phone system.

    Protect valuable corporate data

    If a mobile worker’s device was lost or stolen, would your IP or company confidential information be at risk? Too often, sensitive company data and business contacts reside on employee-owned mobile devices, outside the protection and control of IT. With RingCentral, customer contacts and other critical corporate data reside in the cloud; only the app resides on the device. If a device is lost or stolen, your sensitive data remains safe—controlled and accessible by you. If an employee leaves the company, the data remains available in the cloud, where IT can access it.
    Additionally, the RingCentral cloud is secured in Tier 1 data centers, where experts update the data security based on the latest best practices and regulatory compliance requirements. This not only reduces risk such as toll fraud or non-compliance penalties but also eliminates the need for your IT department or IT teams at each business location, to become security experts.

    Keep your phone numbers

    We work with you to port over your phone numbers with no disruption to your business.

    Phone/computer integration

    We provide presence indicators, Outlook integration, PC dialing, CRM integration and more.

    Save 50% or more

    By reducing your business phone services bills, your savings quickly add up over time- 50% off your phone costs on average.

    Customer Support

    The support you have come to trust with SECURE ITnet with Microsoft Certified technicians – Phone and chat

    Mobility features

    Keep your mobile workforce productive with voicemail-to-email, forwarding to mobile phones, softphone mobile apps, and more.

    99.999% financially backed SLA

    Our service level agreement guarantees less than 30 seconds of monthly unplanned downtime.


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