Multi Factor Authentication


Simple, Affordable Access and Identity Security

Go beyond passwords. Quickly secure access to your business’ applications and systems — no matter how many users or where they are logging in from — with two-factor authentication and single sign-on from SECURE ITnet.

One Level Of Security Is No Longer Enough

Password-related breaches are the leading cause of data loss for organizations. While passwords may not disappear, it’s clear that companies of all sizes need to go beyond passwords to secure their end users’ access to business applications and systems. This need is only becoming more urgent as companies increasingly adopt cloud applications and more users work remotely.

Prove Your Users Are Who They Say They Are.

Even the most sophisticated password provides only a single layer of protection against those who would misuse your business data and systems. Two-factor authentication (2FA) solves this problem by requiring users to provide more than one factor of identity. Now you have a much higher level of trust that only authorized users can gain access to your systems.

Two -Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA both strengthens security with credentials that are virtually impossible to steal and makes life easier for employees by not requiring them to remember extremely complex passwords.

  • Generate passwords that can only ever be used once
  • Utilize credentials that are impossible to steal, reuse, or guess
  • Improve usability for users who won’t need to remember a strong password
  • Gain confidence in knowing who is actually logging in with a level of identity assurance



Complete Identify and Access Management

Security-as- a-Service delivers modern, simple identity and access management (IAM) that’s custom-built for your organization’s security requirements.


Single Sign On (SSO)

With Security as a Service’s SSO functionality, your users can access the applications, websites, and cloud services they need for the day with a single login. Combined with the security of 2FA, SSO not only eliminates the problem of weak passwords but also increases your users’ productivity.

Simple. Seamless. Secure.

What if you could increase security with a solution that’s easy to deploy, simple to use, and seamlessly integrates with your mission-critical applications?

You can with Security-as- a-Service.

● Delivers intuitive user experiences with smartphone-based 2FA, while granting access to the resources needed for the day with a single login
● Seamlessly integrates with your mission-critical systems to deliver security and convenience with minimal disruption to your workflows
● Provides the security and regulatory benefits of 2FA, essentially eliminating the risk of a data breach due to stolen credentials

Peace Of Mind

Let us manage your security, so you can spend more time managing your business. Rest easy knowing that your critical assets are being protected from data breaches by a best-in-breed security solution from a service provider who will be responsive to your organization’s specific needs.

Quality Partnerships

Security-as-a-Service utilizes AuthAnvil as the foundation for its underlying technology. AuthAnvil is a scalable SaaS platform for use by organizations of any size requiring next- generation two-factor authentication (2FA) and single sign-on (SSO) functionality. AuthAnvil is hosted in Azure with a geographically redundant, multiple fault domain configurations, offering the benefit from Azure’s broad set of international and industry-specific standards to ensure security and compliance requirements.

AuthAnvil was launched in 2007 by Scorpion Software to serve the access and security needs of small and mid-sized businesses. Acquired by Kaseya in 2014, AuthAnvil has become the keystone of Kaseya’s IAM strategy across all its product lines.


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