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Wearable Technology in The Construction Industry


Wearable Technology in The Construction Industry

The construction industry has a reputation of tough workers that do what they need to do to get the job done without much concern for comfort or bells and whistles.  However, with the latest advances in technology, we’re seeing the construction industry adopt more and more wearable technologies.  And it makes sense.  Wearable technology in construction improves comfort and safety for workers and is a great way for companies to reduce on-site accidents.

With wearable technology growing for nearly every use within the construction industry, there are hundreds of wearable gadgets and items we could discuss, but here are a few of the most popular ones you’ll probably start seeing pop up in 2019.


The next wearable technology we’ll discuss is blurring the lines between reality and virtual reality on construction sites.  Microsoft released HoloLens a few years back and has recently released HoloLens 2 for use by con construction professionals to help them visualize and see the construction site in a way like never before.

HoloLens is a wearable technology that provides mixed reality for the user.  Mixed reality is a technology that combines virtual and real worlds to create a brand-new environment where physical and digital components can intermingle in real time.  It’s called “mixed” reality because it merges both augmented/virtual reality and the real world to deliver an immersive experience that lets the wearer see the real environment overlaid with holographic data from a 3D model.

It’s literally a game changer and is transforming the way construction companies consume and interact with information.  Predefined views are quick and easy to access and provide an immersive visualization of the designed 3D data.  In turn, this lets workers leverage mixed reality to compare plans against work completed.


This isn’t new technology, but in 2019, it’s better technology.  Companies like DeWalt and Milwaukee are improving the battery life of their jackets, reducing the weight of the jacket, and improving the charge-ability of the jacket as well.  Like most tech gadgets, the heated jackets for constructions workers today are head and shoulders above what you could get just a couple years ago! Working in Minnesota that can be important!


Worker fatigue is a serious issue on construction sites where workers are operating large equipment and machinery.  The Smart Cap is built to detect fatigue and prevent accidents that are caused by employees literally falling asleep on the job.  It works by monitoring brain waves and detecting signs of sleepiness and fatigue.  If a worker begins to fall asleep, the cap will vibrate and make noises to wake up the worker.

First, this helps the employee know he or she is not in the right condition to continue operating heavy machinery.  And second, it notifies supervisors, so they can remove that employee from their current position if needed.  It’s a brilliant way to avoid accidents and make the construction site a much safer place for everyone.


Triax Technologies has released a wearable device that allows supervisors and site managers to better track their workers on the construction/work site.  The Spot-R clips use smart GPS technology to identify the number and location of workers on a construction site at any given time.  And even better, with a built-in gyroscope, supervisors can even be alerted if a worker has tripped or fallen.  Additionally, the SPOT-R has a button workers can press in case of emergency or signal they are injured or need help.  We expect to see this technology getting used more and more in the coming years since it’s such a valuable tool for project managers and site supervisors to track each of their workers without the need to personally monitor the site.

When it comes to injuries on a construction site, a speedy response can literally save lives. That’s exactly what SPOT-R technology is providing for superintendents, project managers, and workers.


Like every other industry, construction is benefiting from the advancements of technology, and specifically wearable technology.  And in such a dangerous and complicated industry, new wearable technology is making the work site safer, more efficient and better for workers overall.

We’ve covered just a few of the new technologies you’ll see at construction sites across the world, and who knows what the future will bring.  The only thing we can be sure of is that change and improvement will continue into the foreseeable future for not just the construction industry, but every industry you can think of!  What new wearable technology for the construction industry have you seen or are expecting to show up soon?  Let us know in the comments!

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